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Our plan is to socialize and spread the wealth (research findings) to help improve our community. Twitter is one among the leading socializing portal, that helps us share links, tiny data, etc. with our tweets. You are most welcome to follow us, or Re-tweet us to help us spread the word.

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We talk a lot. That being the case, our blogger is filled with everything that we have done, stuff that we are planning to do, things that we want you to know and other kinds of stuff. If you enjoy reading, click on the image and explore into world of our research.

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We like you. We wish to stay connected. Would you mind joining us and getting connected to us. If so, click on this link that would take you to our linkedin group.

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We like to revisit certain sites or pages. We try to bookmark some of them and share it with the open world. If you would like to see what we think of worthy to have been bookmarked, check this out.

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We believe that Google is awesome. If you wish to search for us or find more stuff about us, click on the image.

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All our research and discussion blog feed can be found here.

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